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The English Faculty Symposium: A Forum for Ideas on Research, Teaching, and Writing

VCU Faculty SymposiumThe English Faculty Symposium is a new lecture series that will showcase the research of the faculty of the VCU Department of English.

The series carries on the collegial tradition – across ranks, subfields, and communities – of First Friday, the department’s previous lecture series, which was curated by Professor Bryant Mangum for many years. Acknowledging its place in recent history, The English Faculty Symposium takes its subtitle from Mangum’s own subtitle from the First Friday series: “A Forum for Ideas on Research, Teaching, and Writing.” At the same time, The English Faculty Symposium recognizes, by way of its title, the department’s longstanding continuum of scholarly public discourse that includes Professor Terry Oggel’s Faculty Symposium, which immediately preceded the First Friday series. Like its forebears, The English Faculty Symposium hopes to be a spur both to research and to the building of community through the exchange of ideas.

All members of the department are welcome to present, and everyone in the community – the department, the university, the community at large – is welcome to attend.

Further details and a Symposium schedule will be announced shortly.