Contacts & Locations

The office of the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University is usually open from 8-4:30, Monday through Friday.

hibbsVCU Department of English
900 Park Avenue, Hibbs Hall, Room 306
Box 842005
Richmond, VA 23284-2005                         M A P

(For most mail correspondence, you need only the post office box number, not the street address.)

Phone: 804.828.1331
Fax: 804.828.8684

Blackbird and additional faculty offices are located at

andersonAnderson House
913 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23284-2005                         M A P


Interim Chair
Nicholas Frankel
Hibbs 306  |  804.828.1331

Associate Chair
Sachi Shimomura
Hibbs 306  |  804.828.1331

Assistant to the Chair
Kelsey Cappiello
Hibbs 306 | 804.827.8305

Business and Human Resources Manager
Margret Vopel
Hibbs 306 | 804.827.8308

Office Administrative Assistant
Greg Patterson
Hibbs 306 | 804.828.1331

Graduate Programs Advisor
MA in English, MFA in Creative Writing, PhD in Media, Art, and Text
Thom Didato
Hibbs 306  |  804.828.1329

Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising
R. Dale Smith
Hibbs 318  |  804.827.8320

Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the arts
Brandie Gray
Lead Associate Editor
Anderson House 101A  |  804.225.4729

Technology Coordinator & Senior Online Editor, Blackbird
M.A. Keller
Hibbs 317  |  804.827.8317

English Web
For updates or comments regarding English and MATX graduate program web pages, or alumni news, contact Thom Didato.

For Faculty Directory updates submit changes to

For all other English web-related issues, contact M.A. Keller.

Upcoming Deadlines

Classes Begin
AUGUST 23, 2018

Add/Drop Deadline
AUGUST 29, 2018

Graduation Application Deadline

Fall Break
OCTOBER 18-21, 2018

Course Withdrawal Deadline
NOVEMBER 2, 2018

Last Day of Classes
DECEMBER 8, 2018



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