Department Contacts

Hours: 8 a.m.–4:30p.m., Monday through Friday, Hibbs 306

Phone: 804.828.1331
Fax: 804.828.8684

VCU Department of English
900 Park Avenue, Hibbs Hall, Room 306
Box 842005
Richmond, VA 23284-2005                         
[Address deliveries to street, building, & room; address mail to box number]

Additional faculty offices, two seminar rooms, and the main Blackbird office are located in Anderson House.
913 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23284-2005                          

Catherine Ingrassia
Hibbs 306  |  804.828.1331

Associate Chair
Sachi Shimomura
Hibbs 306  |  804.828.1331

Assistant to the Chair 
Kelsey Cappiello
Hibbs 306 | 804.827.8305

Business and Human Resources Manager
Margret Vopel
Hibbs 306 | 804.827.8308

Office Administrative Assistant
Greg Patterson
Hibbs 306 | 804.828.1331

Graduate Programs Advisor
Thom Didato
MA in English, MFA in Creative Writing, PhD in Media, Art, and Text
Hibbs 306  |  804.828.1329

Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising
Dale Smith
Hibbs 318  |  804.827.8320

Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the arts
Caitlin Wilson
Lead Associate Editor
Anderson House 101A  |  804.827.4729

Technology Coordinator & Senior Online Editor, Blackbird
Michael Keller
Hibbs 317  |  804.827.8317

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