Technology Resources

Text, Image, & Media Production Facilities in English

Hibbs 341 is the department’s primary production room and supports advanced tools for faculty and student work in text, audio, video, and web production. Graduate student access is granted based on program enrollment, course enrollment, or identified project need. This room is adjacent to two computer classrooms and smaller workrooms.


Screen capture an audio editing session underway in VCU English production facilities. Adobe software and production machines are available to all VCU English graduate students for their work with individual scholarly or creative projects.


General Support

Depending on your problem or needs, there are a number of units at Virginia Commonwealth University to turn to for technology support. Some of these resources are listed below. If you need help determining where to turn to for support, contact Michael Keller,

VCU Technology Services
Faculty and student accounts, EIDS, Blackboard, General classroom computers and consoles, Email, Software, Google Apps, & much more are managed through by VCU Technology Services. If you need help with a VCU supported function, contact the helpIT Center in James Branch Cabell Library.

HasTech (College of Humanities & Sciences Technology Services)
HasTech supports a number of computer classrooms, including English Computer Classrooms in Hibbs 330 and 331, as well as providing support for all H&S faculty and staff.

Faculty who have a question or problem about their office computers are encouraged by HasTech to report the problem directly; the technicians prefers to talk directly to the faculty member to schedule service times and to ask about preservation of data.

English students, including graduate students assistants, with support or equipment questions should first contact Michael Keller, who will advise on next steps.

Any machine supported by the College of Humanities & Sciences is tagged with a label reading “Property of Humanities & Sciences” followed by “For service call 828 6180 |” If you don’t see the tag, the machine you are at is likely not maintained by HasTech.

Gmail & Google Apps
Gmail and Google Apps are now defaults for all students and faculty. Students should see Google and myVCUmail Student Email for more information. Faculty and staff, should review Apps for VCU.

Google drive, by the way, allows users to store documents in the cloud for easy access to projects or papers from any web enabled location. Google drive also makes it easy to share documents as read-only, comment-enabled, or fully editable.

Blackboard is VCU’s preferred (but not required) platform for deliveriy of course-support materials. In addition, students and faculty may store and share personal files using Blackboard’s “Content Management System.”

Upcoming Deadlines

Classes Begin
AUGUST 23, 2018

Add/Drop Deadline
AUGUST 29, 2018

Graduation Application Deadline

Fall Break
OCTOBER 18-21, 2018

Course Withdrawal Deadline
NOVEMBER 2, 2018

Last Day of Classes
DECEMBER 8, 2018



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