M. A. Keller

M.A. Keller, MFA

Technology Coordinator

Blackbird Online Editor

(804) 827-8317

Hibbs Hall, 900 Park Ave., room 317

Film, New Media, Theory


  • MFA, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1989
  • BA, James Madison University, 1985

Research/Teaching Interests

  • Digital publishing in literature and the arts
  • "The poetic line” in print and digital publishing
  • History and design of small journals
  • Multipath/alt narrative structure; hypertext; multimodality
  • Rhetoric and practice of closed captioning
  • Transmission of error / systemic approaches to error prevention
  • Fragility of the digital archive
  • Creative writing, poetry

Select Publications

  • “Rope,” in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IX: Virginia, edited by Wright, et al. (Huntsville, Texas: Texas Review Press, November 2022).
  • Sewing Bird: A Collaboration,” Blackbird 20, no. 1 (spring 2021).
    [interview with Carole Garmon from Google doc and zoom interviews; transcription, compilation, editing, photo edits, and pagebuild.]
  • 1918 Suite parts 1-4: “Everywhere in the Kingdom," “What Was Not His to Keep,” “Enough of Us Still and Brave Enough,” and “That Night Another Change.”   Blackbird 17 no. 2 (fall 2018), 18 no. 1 & 18 no. 2 (fall & spring 2019), 19 no. 1 (spring 2020).
    [research, content selection, editing, photo edits, design, video content wrangling, pagebuilds, and introductory texts.] 
  • A Conversation with Brian Bouldrey and John Bresland.” Blackbird 11 no.1 (spring 2012).
    [from Google doc interview conducted asynchronously over several weeks; editing, photo edits, and pagebuild.]
  • “Megan Sapnar’s ‘Car Wash’ as a New Media Sonnet.” RAW (Reading and Writing) New Media, edited by Cheryl Ball and James Kalmbach. (Cress Kill, New Jersey: Hampton, 2010. 83–99.)


  • ENGL 493 English Internship: Blackbird
  • ENGL 694 Internship in Writing: Blackbird


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