David Golumbia

David Golumbia, PhD

Associate Professor

(804) 827-8333

Hibbs Hall, 900 Park Ave., room 333

Creative Writing

Film, New Media, Theory


  • PhD University of Pennsylvania
  • BA Oberlin College

Research Interests

  • Digital studies
  • Contemporary American literature and culture
  • Literary theory
  • Philosophy
  • Linguistics

Select Publications

  • “‘Correlationism’: The Dogma That Never Was.” boundary 2 43:2 (May 2016): 1-25.
  • “The Science of Language and the Language of Science: Chomsky’s Cartesianism.”  diacritics 43:1 (2015): 38-63.
  • “Death of a Discipline” Invited contribution to “In the Shadows of the Digital Humanities.” differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies 25:1 (2014): 156-176.
  • “High-Frequency Trading: Networks of Wealth and the Concentration of Power.” Invited contribution. Social Semiotics 23:2 (2013). 278–299.
  • “The Future of New Media: Embodying Kurzweil’s Singularity in Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, and Gamer.” Angharad N. Valdivia, ed., The International Encyclopedia of Media Studies, volume VI: Kelly Gates, ed., Media Studies Futures. Malden, MA and Oxford: Blackwell, 2013. 479–502.
  • “Cultural Studies and the Discourse of New Media.” The Renewal of Cultural Studies. Ed. Paul Smith. Philadelphia: Temple UP, 2011. 83–92.
  • “Minimalism Is Functionalism.” Language Sciences 32.1 (2010): 28–42.
  • “Games Without Play: Deconstructing World of Warcraft.” New Literary History 40.1 (2009): 179–204.