2017 Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

June 30, 2017

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards!


Farwa headshot

Ume Farwa received the Dinah Grossman-Wolfe Book Award.  A junior English major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Business, Ume hopes to enter the editing/publishing industry after graduation.  Passionate about writing since childhood, Ume is grateful to the English major for allowing her to stay true to herself as well as broadening her view of what literature can do.  In her downtime, Ume enjoys watching YouTube videos and playing with her cat.


Fox headshot

Farrah Fox received The Riely Scholarship for Women.  A senior English major and Spanish minor, Farrah is a west coast transplant who has embraced life in Richmond.  She claims that the English major has both challenged and inspired her in addition to strengthening her skills as a reader and writer.  In her downtime, Farrah walks her dog, takes too many photographs, and dreams of a “big-person job” that will pay her to read and write all day.


Franklin headshot.

Meredith Franklin received the Black History in the Making Award.  A senior English major and Spanish minor, Meredith has participated in the School of World Studies Student Research Conference in addition to performing in local musical theater productions.  She credits the English major with sparking her interest in 20th Century British Literature, Contemporary U.S. Literature, and Literature of the African Diaspora.  She plans to pursue one or more of these interests in graduate school and eventually have an academic career of her own.


Lewanowicz headshot

Meredith Lewanowicz received the spring 2017 Outstanding English Major Award as well as the prestigious Philip B. Meggs Memorial Scholarship.  A May graduate who minored in British Studies, Meredith hopes to pursue a career in children’s publishing and perhaps enter graduate school with the help of the Meggs Scholarship.  She credits the English major with teaching her to be a thoughtful, analytical reader and writer, and is grateful for the “creative conversations” she had with professors and her fellow students while at VCU. 


Santiago headshot

Imari Santiago received the E. Allan Brown English Scholarship.  A senior English major and Spanish minor, Imari works on campus as a teaching assistant as well as for the National Alliance for Mental Health.  Her passions include community engagement, writing prose and poetry, and the English major.  She enjoys the wealth of ideas she finds in assigned texts and appreciates the support that the English faculty offer her.  This first-generation college student says you may bump into her if you head out on a First Friday to gallery hop!