“A Few Words with David Wojahn” on For the Scribe

April 6, 2017

For the Scribe by David WojahnDavid Wojahn shares insights into his latest collection of poetry, For the Scribe, in the current issue of the College of Humanities & Sciences’ online newsletter. Wojahn is an award-winning poet of nine poetry collections including this, his most recent work. For the Scribe continues his explorations of the interstices between the public and the private, the historical and the personal. In its review, Publishers Weekly writes “Bristling with quotations and historical artifacts, his rhythmic lines capture bluesmen as well as they do woodpeckers….his brocaded compositions often have the richness of tapestry.” In describing his writing style, Wojahn states, “I had a teacher once, his name was John Anderson…and he said that basically the task of poetry is to say the hardest thing. I guess if I were to describe not my writing style but how I want my writing style to be, it would be a style that says the hardest things but says it musically and with elegance.”

Congratulations, David!