Announcing the Retirement of Margret Schluer

May 5, 2021

Headshot for Margret SchluerAfter more than thirty years of exemplary service to the Department of English, Margret Schluer, Business and Human Resources Manager, has decided to retire.

Margret is that rare breed of university professional with the skills to handle both the financial administration of the department as well as all its human resources needs—in addition to course scheduling. She has a flawless ability to manage our multiple ledgers (32 to be exact), to navigate the intricacies of procurement, to reconcile monthly financials, to support every single search in the department, and to handle the contracts of people ranging from visiting speakers, adjunct faculty, and all graduate student across three programs (among many, many other responsibilities). She is an integral part of all the department’s fundamental operations.

Her impeccable skills in both HR and finance were well-known across the College of Humanities and Sciences and her reputation preceded her; thus she was regularly asked to serve on search committees, share her talents, or mentor employees in other departments. As every previous chair in our department will affirm, Margret has been an essential part of the core staff whose knowledge, institutional memory, insights, expertise, and unfailing good humor have been foundational to the running of the department.

But to list Margret’s myriad responsibilities is to capture only a part of her contribution to the life of our department. She is often the first person faculty and staff (and chairs!) go to with a problem, question, or idea. Her door is always open to offer guidance, lend a sympathetic ear, or share pragmatic advice. She mentors our student workers and advises staff colleagues on professional development activities. She set a high standard for herself and for the rest of our core team; her motivation, attention to detail, and professionalism are an important model for her colleagues.

The department shares a deep sense of gratitude, affection, and appreciation for Margret and her contributions which have been absolutely essential to the smooth running of the department.

If you would like to reach out to offer congratulations and well-wishes to Margret, you can reach her by email at