Livingston Wins VanderMey Nonfiction Prize

August 23, 2017

Creative nonfiction writer and essayist Sonja Livingston's essay "Like This, We Begin: An Essay in Two Photographs" has won the VanderMey Nonfiction Prize from Ruminate Magazine. "Just photographs," Livingston writes, "Just a moment or two captured and held on film. But the power of such moments. The way they stand not only for themselves, but can be read like tea leaves of things to come."

Judge Josh MacIvor-Andersen praises the essay. "This essay is not only powerfully written, the prose tight and lithe, ready to pounce, but heart wrenching in its simple and unsentimental descriptions of loss: the personal, the tactile, the relational. And in these deftly chosen words I find a potent meditation on memory and legacy."

Well done, Sonja!