MATX PhD, with English Professor, Put Together a Podcast: Writing Our Way Out

June 15, 2020

Writing Our Way Out PodcastCurrent MATX PhD student, Robb Crocker, a former journalist who earned two journalism degrees from VCU is helping produce a podcast inspired by Professor David Coogan’s book, Writing Our Way Out: Memoirs from Jail.

“I’m a big fan of podcasts and I was just thinking it through and realizing, well, the stories in the book are compelling,” Coogan admits. So he started thinking, “What if I remix them so that it’s not retelling the whole book, but just select moments in people’s lives beginning with childhood, and tell those stories in the first season of what happens in chapter that sets a person in this direction, in a path towards the criminal justice system?”

Crocker had started his own sports podcast, called “RobbUnfiltered,” a few years ago and suggested Coogan consider adapting “Writing Our Way Out” into a podcast after Crocker took the criminal justice diversion class that Professor Coogan taught. According to Crocker, “The mission of the book — and the podcast — is that writing is cathartic and writing can help you change your life, just by putting things down on paper and getting it out there....The biggest takeaway from what I’m doing with this is combining my skills with media, multi-platform storytelling and social justice and rhetoric. It’s a combination of all of those things coming together.”

For more information on this project and links to the podcast, check out the story in VCU News