Our Fall 2021 Incoming MA class

August 17, 2021

Sabrina Anderson graduated from Marshall University with a BA in Secondary Education English. After graduating, she packed her bags and made the traitorous journey to move across town from West Virginia to good ole' Richmond, Virginia. There, she accepted a teaching position and has taught high school for the past year. Her academic interests are critical theory, media studies, and research. After graduate school, she plans on continuing research in a Ph.D. program. In Sabrina's spare time she enjoys printmaking, hiking, and hanging out with her dog, Maple. 

Alton Ayers graduated in 2021 from VCU with a BA in English. During his undergraduate studies, he worked for a semester as a copyediting intern for Blackbird: an online literary journal. He hopes to focus his graduate studies in Contemporary literature, but also has an interest in literary theory. In his free time he enjoys hiking, reading, and watching horror movies at 12am. 

Lauren Carpenter, or better known as Ms. C to her students, received her B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012, where she double majored in English Literature and English Writing (with a focus on fiction and poetry writing). She then furthered her education in the windy city, Chicago, for her Masters in Education. She is a licensed English teacher in grades 6-12 in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and now Virginia. She is greatly interested in mental health issues and violence expressed in modern literature. She is interested in furthering her education at VCU, with a focus on the exploration of childhood violence in Young Adult literature. When she is not teaching, in class, or doing homework, she enjoys spending time with her spoiled dog, Maggie. 

Jessica Corrado graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUNY New Paltz in 2015 with a B. A. in English and minors in Creative Writing and Asian Studies. After graduating, Jessica moved to Hiroshima, Japan to be an English teacher. She spent most of her free time traveling and was able to indulge her interest in Lord of the Rings and visit New Zealand. Jessica enjoys reading (unsurprisingly), bullet journaling, and spending time outdoors. Her academic interests involve the evolution of literary style and the impacts of contemporary literature, especially the often undervalued young adult and new adult genres. Jessica is excited to move to Richmond and explore VCU, and hopes to use what she learns to pursue a career in editing and publishing.

Allie Dorman graduated from VCU in May 2021 with a B.A. in English and a minor in history. Their most keen academic interest is Victorian era literature, specifically the works of Thomas Hardy. Their eventual career goal is unclear at the moment, but teaching is the prospect they’re most stoked about. Beyond the realm of academics, Allie is a fan of playing dungeons and dragons, collecting VHS tapes, creating extremely amateur carpentry projects, and spending time with their large, ill-behaved (but sweet) dog, Maverick.

Jhanys Gardner graduated from VCU during the chaos of Spring 2020 and has been living and working in Richmond ever since then. While she studied Political Science as an undergraduate, she has decided to take a different path in her post-graduate studies and pursue her dream of working for a publishing company as an Editor or a Project Manager. Serving as the President of the Creative Writing Club at VCU was a major drive in this decision. Eventually, she would like to become a Professor, and she intends to complete the Preparing Future Faculty Program offered at VCU while completing her Master's degree. She is interested in studying diversity in fiction as well as the different portrayals of platonic intimacy in eastern and western literature. Outside of school, you can find Jhanys watching kdramas and foreign films, writing fantasy novels, sewing up a storm, and playing the role of Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. If you need help getting around Richmond, just let her know! 

Linda Hamrick is an MA candidate in the Department of English at VCU. She is interested in Madness and disability in narrative culture, and how we reflect on and impact social perceptions of disability through narration. She is especially interested in representations of these spaces in literature written during the American Eugenics movement. She currently works in the Office of the Provost, where she enjoys providing support to faculty through various programming initiatives. In her spare time, she plays unhealthy amounts of Sims 4, collects physical copies of the Atelier series and follows limited edition Hello Kitty releases.   

Olivia Hudson graduated from VCU in 2019 cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English and double minored in Anthropology and Religious Studies. In 2018, she was accepted into the first cohort of the Distinguished English Majors and completed a senior thesis on T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets which changed her life in so many ways. Olivia was already deeply interested in her Religious Studies minor but dedicating so much time to studying T.S. Eliot made her a true devotee to her studies of Hinduism and Buddhism and how Eastern religions are reflected in the Abrahamic religions. After graduating, she planned to take a year off of her studies to figure out what she wanted to do with her life, but quickly realized she knew along and enrolled in a teacher education program. Shortly after, Olivia was contacted by her former 7th grade English teacher and was offered a position teaching 6th grade English, and she can truly say that it is her passion! Working with her students and helping them learn how to write creatively has inspired Olivia to start writing her own children's cohort story collection based on Indian culture and the Hindu religion. This is something she hopes to continue to work on while she is at VCU, and will eventually be able to share it with her future children to teach them about their heritage. In Olivia’s spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, exploring RVA and other parts of the country with her fiance, planning their upcoming wedding, and working on building their new home in Powhatan County.

Caetlin McFadden graduated in 2020 from the University of Virginia with a BA in English and a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Throughout her time at UVA, she published two archival research projects focused on texts held within the special collections library. This led to her affinity for library work and she went on to become a part time employee within the lending office of Alderman Library for her remaining time in Charlottesville. Caetlin's aim within the MA program is to research and track the development of the Gothic genre from its origin in the 18th century to the contemporary horror genre we see today. She hopes to pursue her Ph.D. with a similar focus on the Gothic. In her free time she enjoys running, spending time with her cat, and discovering new vegan restaurants. 

Chase Ober is 24 years old, the youngest of three, born in VA but raised in Perú where he studied Sociology for two years before deciding to pursue his college degree in the US. At VCU, Chase earned his BA degree in English with the hopes of becoming a writer and publishing a fiction book. Luckily for him, Chase was able to work with the University’s Writing Center which opened a plethora of opportunities where writing became more than a hobby; it became a mentality, an approach, a mantra, a lifestyle. Now on the verge of commencing his MA program, Chase is looking forward to meeting his peers, and acquiring the skills that will allow his writing to change the world.

Sarah Price graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in December 2020, receiving a B.A. in English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies, with a minor in Sociology. While her literary interests have yet to be narrowed down to one particular subject, she has been able to find topics she is passionate about in each of the courses she has taken during undergrad and hopes to continue to find more throughout her studies in this program. Sarah has tentative plans to pursue a doctoral degree, with the aim of eventually pursuing a teaching career and guiding others on their journey to find their passions about language and literature. As for her personal interests, she enjoys working at her part time job at the Metro Richmond Zoo and spending time with her two (very fluffy) cats, Gus and Dexter. 

Nick Shipman is a transplant from the Boston area who moved to Virginia as a teenager. He came to Richmond to attend VCU with undergraduate majors in English and History, but fell in love with the city and remained. He has worked mostly in publishing and university administration, and just completed a graduate certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies (GSWS) this spring. In his spare time he enjoys creative writing and his work has appeared in such publications as Whurk, Quail Bell, and The Other Herald. He is owned by a tiny cat named Tallulah.