Sonja Livingston’s New Essay Collection Explores Her Journey with Catholicism

September 5, 2019

Virgin of Prince Street by Sonja Livingston coverSonja Livingston, an award-winning essayist and associate professor in the Department of English, has authored a new collection of essays, The Virgin of Prince Street: Expeditions into Devotion, (University of Nebraska Press) that chronicles her relationship with the Catholic Church.

“With organized religion becoming increasingly divisive and politicized and Americans abandoning their pews in droves, it’s easy to question aspects of traditional spirituality and devotion,” according to the publisher’s description of The Virgin of Prince Street. “In response to this shifting landscape, Sonja Livingston undertakes a variety of expeditions — from a mobile confessional in Cajun Country to a eucharistic procession in Galway, Ireland, to the Death and Marigolds Parade in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Mass in a county jail on Thanksgiving Day — to better understand devotion in her own life.”

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