VCU Peru

May 4, 2017

A man sitting on top of a mountain range, reading from a yellow book.For 20 years, VCU students have benefited from the transformative experience of studying abroad. Indeed, several English Department faculty, graduate students and program alumni have taken part in experiencing first hand the unique potential of an education abroad programs in places such as Peru.  With photos provided by MATX alum Scott Dupree Mills and text by MFA alum Tom Gresham, VCU News recently touched based with several  VCU alumni who recalled the study abroad experiences that helped shape them.

Last year, 641 VCU students studied abroad through a variety of programs and exchanges offered or coordinated through the Global Education Office. The programs have influenced students from a full array of disciplines and backgrounds over the years, and some of the programs have become beloved and steadfast parts of the curriculum.

The VCU Department of  English highly encourages its students, undergraduate and graduate, to explore their international education options.