Welcome Our Incoming Fall 2018 MATX Class

August 19, 2018

Zachary Acosta-Lewis is a Richmond native who, after spending time in New York and Washington, DC, returned to Richmond to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2016 he completed and defended a thesis, entitled “Narrative and the Reconfiguration of the Humanist Subject in Robbe-Grillet, Ballard, and Ligotti”, earning a Master’s degree from the English Department. He has taught undergraduate composition and research courses in VCU’s University College and, outside of his academic life, works in modular synthesis and sound design for radio and podcast producers. He also curates and promotes electronic music and art events with the Behavior collective. His work, academic and otherwise, engages with narrative, fragmentation of form, subjectivities, ideology, and contemporary social atomization.

Ezaddeen Almutairi is a Lecturer in Mass Communication Department at King Saud University. Ezaddeen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication from King Saud University and a Master in Communication Arts from the University of the Incarnate Word’s School of Media and Design. He previously worked at King Saud University as the coordinator of post-graduate studies and as a teaching assistant where he gained exposure to the latest mass communication techniques and educational materials. He also worked for a University program that helped potential students identify their skills and interests. Ezaddeen helped organize several international conferences in Saudi Arabia to expand his professional network in the field of mass communication. He has volunteered at many events, including the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego 2017.

Saleh Bin Khulayf earned his Bachelor degree from King Saud University in the field of Media and Communication. Back then, he worked for a professional PR group to organize many government conferences and events. In the USA, Saleh earned a Master of Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology, concentrating on Public Relations and Advertising. Throughout his time at NYIT, he worked with DGI, a nonprofit organization, and partnered with the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). Currently, Selah is a lecturer at the Department of Public Relations in the Media & Communication College at Imam University, Saudi Arabia. His research interests tend to examine the effectiveness of using social networks in promoting health awareness in the Saudi Arabian society.

Nicholas Brown is a Virginia native and earned a BA with a double major in English and Psychology from Randolph Macon College in 2006. In 2010, he earned an MA in English with a focus on literature from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since the fall of 2011, he has worked as an Instructor of English at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia. At Virginia State University, he has assisted the department in several campus-wide events to encourage student engagement, such as student conferences, poetry readings, and recognition ceremonies. His courses and teaching experience has fostered scholarly interest in concepts of identity based on cultural and social influences. Pursuing a Ph.D. through the MATX program at VCU offers the opportunity to pursue his research interests while gaining professional guidance.

Clayton Harper comes to VCU following a BFA in English from Principia College and an MFA in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication from The University of Texas at Dallas. His work, which has ranged from multi-channel video installations to experimental games, emphasizes the dubious politics that inform the aesthetics of screen media.

Connor McCormick is a Richmond native who completed an MA in English at VCU in 2015. His focus is on the relationship between visual and verbal texts, and how individual and communal memory pertain to historical narratives. A great deal of his work has focused on the French film maker and video artist Chris Marker, specifically Marker’s use of archival footage run through digital video synthesizers as a way to push back against traditional historical narratives. He plans to continue research on Marker, incorporating aspects of art history into his understanding of Marker’s work.