Headshot for Hanna Pylväinen

Hanna Pylväinen

Assistant Professor
(804) 827-8329
Hibbs 324F
(ON RESEARCH LEAVE, 2019-2020)


BA Mount Holyoke
MFA (Fiction) University of Michigan/Ann Arbor

Research/Teaching Focus

Creative Writing (fiction)


We Sinners (novel). New York: Henry Holt & Co., 2012.

Recent/Selected Publications

“Pox.” The Chicago Tribune, 16 Sept. 2012, Printers Row.​
“Jonas Chan.” Harper’s Magazine, Aug. 2012: 58-64.
“A Stranger among Them.” New York Times Magazine, 1 Apr. 2012​. Lives Column.

Upcoming Deadlines

Department Orientation Sessions
AUGUST 15, 2019

Classes Begin
AUGUST 20, 2019

Add/Drop Deadline
AUGUST 26, 2019

Graduation Application Deadline

Fall Reading Day
OCTOBER 10, 2019

Course Withdrawal Deadline
NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Last Day of Classes
DECEMBER 9, 2019

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