Internships can provide students with professional experience and a sense of how their degree can translate to a work setting.

Though not required for graduation, English majors can receive course credit for internships involving writing, editing, research, or teaching.


Blackbird, the nationally recognized open-access (free-to-read) journal, features work by new and established writers and provides internship opportunities for students at both the undergraduate and graduate level (MA, MFA, and PhD students). These internships offer real-world experience in literary editing and publishing; the journal staff have the opportunity to work with manuscript selection, copyediting, media capture editing, photo editing, and page building. Undergraduate and graduate students may apply to work for Blackbird as interns for up to two semesters of credit. In addition, there are opportunities for graduate students to work in leadership and editorial roles.


Waverley Vesely
Managing Editor

British Virginia

British Virginia offers internships to both bachelors' and graduate students (of up to three credits for one or two semesters). Interns work primarily with digital images from libraries and digital transcripts from scholarly editors; they typeset upcoming editions in Adobe InDesign. Occasionally, interns have opportunities to do other work as well, such as consulting rare books, letterpress printing, and more traditional graphic design.


Joshua Eckhardt
Professor of English


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