An online journal of literature and the arts

Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the arts was founded in 2001 by the Department of English at Virginia Commonwealth University and New Virginia Review, Inc. The staff convened in the fall of 2001; the first issue appeared in the spring of 2002.  Through the spring 2023 issue, Mary Flinn is the editor and a cofounding editor; M. A. Keller is the online editor, and a co-founding editor.

Published by the VCU Department of English, the nationally recognized open-access (free-to-read) journal features work by new and established writers and provides internship opportunities for students at both the undergraduate and graduate level (MA, MFA, and PhD students). These internships offer real-world experience in literary editing and publishing; the journal staff have the opportunity to work with manuscript selection, copyediting, media capture editing, photo editing, and page building. Undergraduate and graduate students may apply to work for Blackbird as interns for up to two semesters of credit. In addition, there are opportunities for graduate students to work in leadership and editorial roles.

The journal welcomes the contributions of interested students at all levels. Students interested in Blackbird internships should write to the Blackbird's managing editor, Waverley Vesely, at in for the most recent information and to receive an internship application.

You can support the Blackbird mission by making a donation to the Friends of Blackbird fund. Thank you for your generosity.