Mary Caton Lingold

Mary Caton Lingold, PhD

Associate Professor

Director, PhD in Media, Art and Text

Hibbs Hall, 900 Park Ave., room 419

18th Century


  • PhD in English, Duke University, 2017
  • MA in English, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2010
  • BA in English, Trinity University, 2004

Research Interests

Lingold is an interdisciplinary scholar specializing in the early modern African Atlantic world. Her research and teaching involve the study of literature, music, sound, digital media, and the cultural history of slavery in the colonial Caribbean and North America.

Select Publications

  • (Forthcoming) Mary Caton Lingold, “Sound Legacy: Music and Slavery in an African Atlantic World.” UVA Press, expected 2023.
  • Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, and Whitney Trettien, editors. Digital Sound Studies. Duke University Press, 2018. 
  • Mary Caton Lingold, “In Search of Mr. Baptiste: Early Caribbean Music, Race, and a Colonial Composer,” Early Music xlix.1, 2021.
  • Mary Caton Lingold, “Digital Performance and the Musical Archive of Slavery: Like Running Home,” Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture 49, 2020. 
  • Mary Caton Lingold, “Peculiar Animations: Listening to Afro-Atlantic Music in Caribbean Travel Narratives,” Early American Literature 52.3, 2017.



  • ENGL 313, AMST 391: Popular Culture: Race and Identity in American Music (Upper-division special topics)
  • ENG 215: Reading Literature: Early African America (Gen-ed)
  • ENGL 379, AFAM 379: African American Literature: Beginnings to the Harlem Renaissance (Upper-division)
  • ENG 365, AFAM 365, INTL 367: Caribbean Literature (Upper-division)
  • ENGL 614: Cultural Discourses: Literature & Culture of the Early Modern Atlantic World (Master’s Seminar)
  • MATX 690: Sound Studies (Doctoral Seminar)


  • Richard Beale Davis Prize Winner for Best Essay in Early American Literature, 2017


(Photo by Eduardo Montes-Bradley)