Cyberlibertarianism and its Satellites: A Colloquium in Honor of David Golumbia

Professor David Golumbia lecturing in a red shirt

Date: Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024

Start time: 2:00pm

End time: 3:30pm

Location: Hibbs 308 & on Zoom

Web conference link

Late last year, Virginia Commonwealth University and the field of digital studies lost a tremendous scholar and thinker with the untimely passing of David Golumbia. In the ten years he was at the university as part of the Department of English and Media, Art, and Text Program (MATX), David taught and wrote with a prescient, critical eye toward the tech industry and its implications in politics and the humanities.

On February 20 at 2:30 p.m., David’s colleague Adin Lears and a group of his departmental peers and former students come together for a conversation about his forthcoming monograph, "Cyberlibertarianism: The Right Wing Politics of Digital Technology," and how his work, mentorship, and friendship continue to shape their scholarship and lives.
Attendees are encouraged to share memories of David and his work using the "Questions/Comments" box on the registration page.

Sponsor(s): This event is presented by the Department of English, MATX, and the Humanities Research Center.

Event contact: Adin Lears,