Introducing Fabiana, social media manager and creative writing minor

Feb. 10, 2022

Fabiana is a junior mass communications major with a minor in creative writing. Learn more about why she decided to pursue her minor and who her favorite English professors are.

Fabiana Acosta smiles and stands against a blush pink wall.
Fabiana Acosta

Hello! My name is Fabiana and I am a junior mass communication major with a minor in creative writing. I am currently living in Richmond, VA, and am originally from New Jersey. Sadly I did not acquire the Jersey accent, but I am bilingual in English and Spanish! I was raised in Northern Virginia and I feel like I’m living the “dream” to live in a city and work various jobs—some related to what I'm studying. I worked at Costco as a cashier (yes, their samples rule), Branch Museum Architecture and Design as a front desk/event assistant, and now work at the VCU English department as a social media manager!

When did you know you wanted to minor in creative writing?

I decided to take Reading of Fiction and Poetry to test the waters. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to minor in creative writing at first but definitely wanted to add something that could assist my major and touch a personal element. I chose creative writing because it did just that. As a creative advertising student, I intend to work at agencies, become an art director later in life. Creative writing speaks to what I love to do: read, write, craft.

Have you had any favorite English department professors?

Jennifer Rhee! She was my first professor after I decided to minor in creative writing. Her thoughts and presentation of various poetry pieces and short stories and her input and criticism of my work have stuck with me.

What do you like to read?

Currently, I am reading Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney and I enjoy reading poetry and other contemporary books. Specifically, I love reading books that have been produced as a movie! Last semester I had my own radio show called “The Commute” where I analyzed books, poems and talked about the differences between books and their film adaptations. Also, I will read books recommended by just about anyone.

What is it like being a first-generation student?

The word coming to mind is rare. It's a rare experience being first-generation because it almost feels like you have to do everything on your own. Since my parents didn't go to college, I had to appraise the expectations of paying for college, setting priorities, and being proactive. I had to take ownership of my education. It made me ask questions about who I aspire to be.

Do you have any advice for incoming and current first-generation students?

For other first-generation students, all I have to say is be proactive! Take advantage of the opportunities Richmond and VCU have to offer. We set ourselves apart from other students whose parents did go to college—don’t compare yourself to anyone. Everyone has a different path to which they were raised and go about life, so you decide yours. School is difficult and the financials of it are too, but view it as overcoming adversity. Being able to set such a high standard for yourself is the best outcome of all.

What are your future goals?

I feel daunted being asked this question because usually, people have one thing they want to do or don't do. However, I have many goals. Starting this job as a social media manager, I've learned so much about what it's like to work with a team and run a professional Instagram platform to reach out to students. I think that has helped me narrow what I’d like to do later in life. The first is to work at an advertising agency and get some experience as an art director. Second, I would love to publish a book later on since I want others to experience the same emotional connection I do when reading. Finally, travel as much as I can and continue my education!