Headshot of M.A. Keller

M.A. Keller

Technology Coordinator
(804) 827-8317
Hibbs Hall 317


BA James Madison University
MFA Virginia Commonwealth University

Professional/Teaching Focus

Technology in the humanities; multimodal writing and epublishing, creative writing (poetry)

Recent/Select Publications

A Conversation with Brian Bouldrey and John Bresland.” Blackbird 11.1 (2012).

“Megan Sapnar’s ‘Car Wash’ as a New Media Sonnet.” RAW (Reading and Writing) New Media. Ed. Cheryl Ball and James Kalmbach. Cress Kill, NJ: Hampton, 2010. 83–99.

Select Builds & Professional Writing for Blackbird

1918 Suite part 1, "Everywhere in the Kingdom," and part 2, "What Was Not His to Keep." Research, image edits, design, pagebuild, and introductory text.  Blackbird 17.2 (2018), 18.1 (2019).

"The NAACP's Silent Parade,"
 Research, image edits, design, pagebuild, and introductory text. Blackbird 16.2 (2017).

George Ferrandi's "Fugitive Materials," Image edits, pagebuild with five videos and more than seventy-five images, postscript. Blackbird 15.2 (2016)  .

Julian Street’s  “Why I Became a Cubist.” Research, capture of texts and images, design, pagebuild, and introduction. Blackbird 12.2 (2013).

Richard Carlyon’s “Postcards to Aix.” Capture of images. Design and pagebuild. Blackbird 9.2 (2010).

David Wojahn’s “Ochre.” Container design and build; TOC coconceived with Patrick Scott Vickers. Blackbird 9.2 (2010).


Blackbird:an online journal of literature and the arts online editor, 2002–2004, senior online editor, 2005–present.

The Abaculi Projectfounder and editor, 2014

Visual Blog


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